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Visual Impact ...

Key to Your Web Presence

Today, websites with paragraph after paragraph of text just won't hold the attention of your web surfer. It is pretty easy to take photographs with relatively inexpensive cameras that will look fine in a web format, even though they won't pass quality standards of printed brochures.

These photos and videos when properly processed will add spark and hold your visitor's attention. Whatever the message, visual images up the impact, in fact they may be the only aspect of your site that keeps the viewer's attention.

Visual Content ... Photos and Video Grab Attention

Fancy graphics have become so "standard" that many web surfers see right over them. Pretty graphics are just that ... pretty background with no story, no message, no information.

How long will a surfer spend on viewing fluff without finding the content or entertainment they are looking for?

We are the Ghosts! We use the term 'ghosts' because ghostwriters were always the helpers behind the scenes to make their clients look good.

Visual Memory ... What Will They Remember Most?

When someone leaves your blog, website or email ... will all they remember was that it was pretty?

Photos and videos help focus the viewer on your message, a message retained long after a quick scan of printed words.

Photo Ghosts receives your unedited image and video files online, processes them through Adobe Photoshop or Premiere, and returns them for your use in emails, blogs and websites. We produce those in a timely and budget-friendly package.

About Us

The Photo Ghosts team includes a savvy techie teen [TK] and a semi-retired professional journalist [VJ] with over 30-years experience in print publications, website news sites, and photojournalism [MS, Journalism, Boston University].

Our objective is to accumulate funds for TK's college program ... starting just three years from now. We also are the team behind WebGhosts.com which provides web site services and consultation.

Why Us


We won't even pretend we are Hollywood-level image masters or artists. But for most web needs, simple straightforward image processing on a regular schedule is most effective in helping you achieve your online goal.

A good photographic product can be used in an email blast, then in a blog, and then on your website. Our motto is "A good image never goes to waste."